The basics of how food reacts in the body are the same for every diet, no matter if you are vegan or paleo.
Firstly, for health and weight loss, it is important to avoid constant high peaks in blood sugar. If you let your blood sugar level spike with high glycemic food over and over again, sooner or later your body (pancreas, liver etc.) will collapse, you insulin levels will be off, weight loss inevitable.
Secondly it is proven that Fructose, although a medium glycemic sugar, is the main contributor to gain weight, e.g. high glycemic fruits, sodas etc.
All natch Meal Plans for Weight Loss and Health are based on these fundamental effects. This is why they work.


5 Week Easy Weight Loss Plans for maximum weight loss, starting $19.90

Where do you start? Choose one of the healthy diet Phaser plans and start right away changing your life by downloading one of the best PDF programs. If you want to take the fast track go for the new “plus” plans including Intermittent Fasting.


10 week Easy Weight Loss Plans for fast weight loss and weight management, starting $34.90

These Easy Weight Loss Plans are developed to maintain your feel good weight or to ensure ongoing weight loss after you have finished a natch starter program. The BALANCERplus plan includes Intermittent Fasting which is a great rejuvenating and weight loss tool.

Proven success:

80% in 5 weeks

You can expect to reach almost all of your weight loss goal in as few as 5 weeks.


Losing body weight too fast is not recommended. The goal of all natch programs is to provide a tool for constant, sustainable weight loss. However, losing weight is not that hard, the real challenge is to maintain the newly reached lower body weight. This is where the two segments of natch plans give a great guidance: The STARTER plans get you started and you will reach a lion’s share already after this first 5 weeks.
To continue to reach 100% of your desired body weight the MAINTENANCE plans will do the rest and keep you in shape long term. After this 10 weeks you will adapt your individual plan based on the MAINTENANCE plan. Depending on your insulin sensitivity and activity level you are now able to occasionally add your favorite cheat dishes in you diet. We all have a social life! Enjoy, do it natch!

It is easier than you would think

Bernhard Scholz, President and Co-Founder of

Many, before you, started exactly that way: try to cook low glycemic once a week, than a couple times a week until they discover the magic: You can eat until you are satiated, the amount of food has no priority anymore: no counting of carbohydrates or calories. And my favorite, the best effect of all is you wake up in the morning and have this amazing, energized feeling. You have elevated your life by just changing the way you eat!